Carincur is a Portuguese artist.

Graduated in theater in Visual Arts University of art and design (ESAD).
She also studied Visual Arts, Music.

She is co-founder of the Yuuts Ruoy project, which results in support for the development and dissemination of individual artistic works, but also transdisciplinary collaborative projects.
Carincur practice, over the last five years has focused on its influences on a collective group.

Individually your focus is on the capture, modulation, choreography and sound composition of materials / space / body. Science and human behavior, appropriation and fiction / reality are some concepts and forms used by the artist for his research.
Traveling through autobiographical themes and their impact on contemporary social, cultural, political and economic life.
The multidisciplinary capacity of transversal disciplines reformulate her work in several formats.



The voice as an instrument, with Sidsel Endersen - COISA, creation space - Torres Vedras, Portugal


Internship at the João Garcia Miguel Company, with Sara Ribeiro - Espaço Coisa - Torres Vedras, Portugal

2011                    2014

Bachelor degree in Theater - Visual Arts University of art and design (ESAD) - Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

2010                    2011

Musical Theater Course - School of Social Dances and Performing Arts - Lisbon, Portugal

2007                    2010

Piano, vocal-singing technique, Musical training - Baixo Alentejo Regional Conservatory -Beja, Portugal

2009                    2010

Visual Arts - Diogo de Gouveia School - Beja, Portugal



Ferme d’accueil Bordeneuve, Grazimis, França


Ponto de Encontro, Almada, Portugal


Silos, contentor criativo, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal


COISA, Creation Space João Garcia Miguel, Torres Vedras, Portugal

Hotel Madrid, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal


Arts Center, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Solo Works



Sorry if i make love with sound, Lisboa


Future always on my mind, Almada


Six meses de célibat, FENDA event, Porto

Six meses de célibat, Silos, Caldas da Rainha


Opera compositions, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal


Defacement, inserted in FOOL-FIL project produced by Yuuts Ruoy, Hotel Madrid, Caldas da Rainha


Indoor wash, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal


Not logical words, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Collective Exhibitions


Future always on my mind III, Teatro Ibérico, Lisboa

Future always on my mind II, Traça, Lisboa


Future always on my mind, Ponto de Encontro, Almada

#followforfollow, Electricidade Estética, Caldas da Rainha


OPERA III, Silos, inserted in Zero Zeugma project, Caldas da Rainha

OPERA II, Arts Center, Caldas da Rainha

OPERA I, Laboratório Galeria, inserted in A CUNHA project, Lisboa

La Vida es Sonho, João Garcia Miguel company - National Theatre S.João, Porto


Exemplo 1.2 - Génua, Yuuts Ruoy, Torres Vedras

Five Pieces to Five, Yuuts Ruoy, Lisboa, Porto Côvo, Sines, Portimão, Lagos

Mata de Ouro, Yuuts Ruoy, Caldas Late Night'18, Caldas da Rainha

FOOL-FIL, Yuuts Ruoy, Hotel Madrid, Caldas da Rainha


Manifesto aos Aquários, Yuuts Ruoy,, Caldas da Rainha

AWR-DER, Yuuts Ruoy, Electrecidade Estética, Caldas da Rainha

Conversa nº19, Yuuts Ruoy, Praga Festival, Figueira da Foz

Freak Show, Yuuts Ruoy, Caldas Late Night'17, Caldas da Rainha


Put Yourself Together woman, Yuuts Ruoy, Ofélia Festival, Caldas da Rainha