ARTIST TALK -  from de piece Como matar mulheres nuas

by Xana Novais — Artist Talk inserted in Double Trouble — Teatro Municipal do Porto - Campo Alegre, 2020

Research and mutation between 2017 and 2020. Pain and pleasure, the rise and the strength of feminine power, a constant reflexion on the idea of life and death, human limits put to the test, reality and fiction within the performance, the piece’s process and this pandemic time. The way Xana relates to the longing for triggering reactions in the audience. Transforming horror into beauty. How does an artwork prevent itself from dying? A talk, a video, a costume and an action. 

Artist talk photos — José Caldeira

Artistic direction — Xana Novais
Production — Ângela Cardoso, Diogo Bessa e Xana Lagusi
Set design and costumes — Xana Novais
Photography and video — Diogo Bessa
Tattoo artist — Tixa Raw
Sound composition — Carincur
Project with the support of Fundação GDA