Echos from a liquid memory  EP 2021
Special edition with a piece designed by carincur in acrylic and real water, where we can hear its sound.
Contains engraved lettering design by João Pedro Fonseca and translucent 12" vinyl.

Echos from a liquid memory, comes from a transdisciplinary piece that crosses performance, concert and audiovisual installation, simultaneously exploring visual, sound and digital arts. The musical composition is taken to the limits of its possibilities, through manipulation and processing of submerged and propagated digital sound and image through water. This action creates a new universe, a new ecosystem, where interactions of organic and non-organic matter create changes in the environment, while physical and digital coexist in an abstract narrative, between a liquid fragmented memory and the perception of ourselves projected in time and space.

This piece focus on the fragmentation of memory, space, time and, consequently, it reflects the volatile memory of the human being's existence. In order to do this, it was necessary to create an instrument - an acrylic water tank combined with hydrophones - that made the exploration of subaquatic sounds possible. This is an immersive experience where water refers to the liquidity of memory and, consequently, to identity.

Still, it is the culmination of the artist’s long journey, who has been through several experiences with the prototype of this project in various spaces in Lisbon.

Written and produced — Carincur in Portugal
Mastered — Bruno Barroso
Art cover concept — Carincur
Lettering design — João Pedro Fonseca

Mandei drugs na quarentena  REMIX 2021
   Dj Boiler Room is back with Extended Records, presenting 'Mandei Drugs na Quarentena' and, once again, he didn't come alone. 4 original tracks along with 4 remixes show us the humoristic way Dj Boiler Room sees the world.

Along with this original 4 tracks, a luxurious set of guests remixed every track and gave them a new life: Mona gives a more psychedelic and deep meaning to 'Mandei Drugs na Quarenta', replacing the ecstasy for shrooms, peterr delivers a minimal house approach to 'Tenho Saudades da Tua Corona', Cigarra brings the bass forward in 'Ninguém Merece Morrer Pelos Pecados da Burguesia', while Dj Doraemon ends the album with a powerful afrobeat version of 'Vá Professor Marcelinho Manda Lá Vir o Exército'.

Dj Boiler Room tracks are filled with serious topics such as drug usage, class struggle and the mistreatment of the working class by political powers, hidden in a humorous tone, which allows him to be fiercer and bolder. There's space to dance and to just appreciate each layer, to not think much, but at the same time to not forget our role in fighting the established power.

Artist — DJ Boiler Room
Remixes by — Mona aka Carincur, peterr, Cigarra, Dj Doraemon
Label — Extended Records

Reminiscência  S 2020
    Single by Carincur, a mark of 2020 and a passage to new sound explorations.

Producer — Carincur.
Mastered — Dominic Glare / Declared Sound.
Artwork — João Pedro Fonseca.

Violent Approach  S 2020
by ESSA (Carincur & Jari Marjamaki) from "... Returning Whence Their Darkened Spirits Came"
   Dedicated to what made us dance and motivated to make music when the city was still breathing, it is a return in spirit to where we felt happiest, the dark sweaty caves of the urbanized underground.
In recent times, dance music has increasingly become commodified for touristic consumption and for the profit of few establishments. Quarantine has brought no solution so far to the reduced openness between musicians, instead heavily damaging the underground community, which was built on sharing and mutual support.
This is an open hand inviting for action, for communication, to help give to those from whom tourism leeched off.
Currently proceedings are going to fund the Cantina Solidária da Mula do Barreiro, who are distributing food among those who need it most.

[Weathervane Recs]
Artwork — Joana Torgal Marques
Curated — Oströl

Homem das Calças Vermelhas  S 2020
by ESSA (Carincur & Jari Marjamaki) from Estado de Emergência
    A compilation of artists from the Portuguese scene made during quarantine, in times of fear holding onto what previously made normality hopeful. 
From Ambient to IDM and Techno, a taster of what is being made in Portugal in these times.

[Weathervane Recs]
Artwork — Diana Lucena
Curated — Oströl

Sorry if i make love with sound  LP 2019
   Crosses a middle space between light and shadow: anything we can recall as an atmosphere.
Everything is infused with spectrum, ruins, fantasies, delusions and unsettled ideas. A very fragile narrative is asserted here and there, sometimes through its own voice, others with collages of other people's material, giving us the minimum clue to access Carincur intimacy. Something is happening above diminished bodies, sedated minds, alienated identities and the possibility of the human being itself. The theme is apocalyptic, but the idea is from someone who’s not afraid of being restless, since restlessness allows always one last attempt.

We can observe a few references in Carincur’s work, such as Grouper or Ingla Copeland, or even the eternals Laurie Anderson and Delia Derbyshire; but her music is wider than something we can compare it with. In the middle of the scattered atmospheres, there’s something we can touch, alive and with an horizon renowned whenever we hear it. “Sorry If I Make Love With Sound” is also about the possibility of finding new reasons in the inbetween: to start over again, away from crystallized classifications.

Written and produced by Inês Carincur.
Artwork by Joana Carneiro.
Recorded and mastered by Bruno Barroso at Rubydiscos.