Violent approach by ESSA (Carincur & Jari Marjamaki)
from "... Returning Whence Their Darkened Spirits Came"

Dedicated to what made us dance and motivated to make music when the city was still breathing, it is a return in spirit to where we felt happiest, the dark sweaty caves of the urbanized underground.
In recent times, dance music has increasingly become commodified for touristic consumption and for the profit of few establishments. Quarantine has brought no solution so far to the reduced openness between musicians, instead heavily damaging the underground community, which was built on sharing and mutual support.
This is an open hand inviting for action, for communication, to help give to those from whom tourism leeched off.
Currently proceedings are going to fund the Cantina Solidária da Mula do Barreiro, who are distributing food among those who need it most.

[Weathervane Recs]
Artwork — Joana Torgal Marques
Curated — Oströl