On November 2021 Extended Records celebrated 10 years of existence!

To mark the date, we decided to release a compilation with music from our friends and family. But the idea is not to be nostalgic or retrospective. This is a compilation with eyes laid on the future and not the past. This reflects both the future of Extended Records and Discos Extendes. It gives space for new artists and friends, with whom we haven’t work yet (or at least not under such alias…), to freely express themselves, showcasing our bets and intentions for the future to come.

There’s a little bit of everything… from weirdly haunted ambient vibes, to junglish madness, passing by Brazilian funk influences and crazy drum programming.

Take a while and dive into this pool of freaks and misfits to get your ears (and mind!) freshen up. It may be hard at first, but as we say in Portuguese: “Primeiro estranha-se, depois entranha-se” (first it’s strange, then it becomes ingrained).

Cake design by Pedro Brito, aka @craked.bolos
Design by Conhecido João
released December 23, 2021