underwater performance . arduino system . new ecosystems .  

echos from a liquid memory comes from a transdisciplinary piece that crosses performance, concert and audiovisual installation, simultaneously exploring visual, sound and digital arts. The musical composition is taken to the limits of its possibilities, through manipulation and processing of submerged and propagated digital sound and image through water. This action creates a new universe, a new ecosystem, where interactions of organic and non-organic matter create changes in the environment, while physical and digital coexist in an abstract narrative, between a liquid fragmented memory and the perception of ourselves projected in time and space.

Artistic Direction, sound composition and performance: Carincur     Light Design and video: João Pedro Fonseca     photography: Patricia Faustino     Organization: ZigurArtists     Production: Pipsy Roque     
Sound technician: Bruno Barroso     Support: Acrilfer, desvio, mono, ZABRA     Institutional partner: Portuguese Republic and Ministry of Culture

underwater performance
music album
audiovisual installation
arduino system
new ecosystems